Water is indeed one of the fundamental elements for a healthy body and also for a glowing skin. Each function of the body is very much regulated and dependent on water, which further affirms that water is indeed necessary to carry important vitamins, hormones, chemicals and oxygen to almost all the parts of the body. Water is therefore the most important thing that is consumed to give many beneficial results. Water is the natural solvent for most of the things and gives natural remedies to many of the diseases. Water therapy is an alternative therapy that is used very widely now a day.

If water is not drunk regularly, dehydration might take place. If the dehydration persists and is not corrected naturally with drinking plenty of water it produces symptoms and with time develops the disease.

Water therapy was practiced from ancient time to heal the diseased people. In many antediluvian cultures like ancient Rome, China and Japan, the hydrotherapy and hydrothermal therapy were common practice that have been used for the treatment of the disease. In ancient India even water therapy has been regarded as one of the most sought after therapeutic treatment. Even today water therapy is widely accepted in the area of alternative medicine. When somebody wants to follow a fitness routine or achieve a health goal, drinking proper amount of water is always necessary.

Drinking plenty of water helps in detoxification of the body. As food is injested water contributes in the breakdown, metabolism and absorption of the food and acts as the key element to remove the waste material from the body and is indeed the basic crux of water therapy.

There are many diseases that can be cured by water therapy, e.g. headaches, obesity, kidney stone, joint and back pain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety and depression, fatigue, insomnia, cravings, asthma and allergy, arthritis pain, constipation and solve many skin problems like pimples and the dark circles.

Drinking sufficient amount of water is necessary for proper functioning of body. Water can also play a major role in treating a number of diseases. Chronic fatigue, depression, mental anxiety, gastric disorders, urinary infections, eczema, rheumatism etc. are the diseases that can be resulted from the drinking of less amount of water and can be treated by increasing the intake of water.

The technique of water therapy is very easy. One can have water therapy simply by maintaining following steps. One should take 6 glasses of water or 1.5 kgs of water early in the morning in an empty stomach without taking breakfast or eating any thing. Each glass of water should be taken at a stretch. After drinking the water, urinate 6 times in the first hour of the therapy. One should go to the washroom in every 10 minutes, without any delay. After this one glass of lukewarm water should be taken. If needed few drops of lemon can be added to it to increase the taste. Now one should wait for fifteen minutes before taking the breakfast. Same schedule should be followed at night before going to bed.

There are certain things that should be kept in mind; otherwise the results of water therapy will not be all that satisfactory. The routine cannot be broken for about three months. Someone might feel the sensation of vomiting but this is normal and no need to visit the doctor. During this water therapy, high-cholesterol food cannot be consumed. Along with this therapy at least 8-12 glasses of water should be taken throughout the day. If water therapy is continued in this way, it will definitely gives beneficial results.