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Thread: Phone Conversation Tips

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    Default Phone Conversation Tips

    Speak Slowly & Clearly

    It is not possible to watch the lip movement of the person speaking on the other side of the phone. So, at times, it can become difficult to understand what is being said, especially if the speaker is going too fast and is lacking clarity of speech. Ditto for you! Try to speak as clearly as you can, on the phone and don’t rush through a conversation. Even you would not like to repeat yourself over and over again. Therefore, follow the key rule i.e. speak slowly and clearly. However, this does not mean that you start sleeping over the phone. Rather, maintain a decent tempo.

    Be Well-Mannered

    It is important to follow proper etiquette during a telephonic conversation, more so when it is an official call. Always speak in a pleasant and congenial tone, so that the other person doesn’t feel discouraged or start presuming that you do not want to entertain him/her, unless that is exactly what you want to do. Make sure that you do not interrupt the other person before he/she has completed the sentence. It can be very annoying for him/her. Also, try not to engage in an argument, especailly if it’s an official call.

    Never Eat Or Chew During Call

    Make sure that you are not eating or chewing anything during the call, as you won’t be able to speak clearly and it will also give the person on the other side of the phone a very crude impression about you. While it may not be possible to sound very polished and sophisticated on the phone every time, for a variety of reasons, there are some basic things you need to avoid on the phone and eating or chewing is one of them. It will be better not to pick up the phone when you are eating something.

    Develop Listening Skills

    Many people have a tendency to talk incessantly on the phone, while not giving the other person a chance to speak. Do realize that it is important to listen to the other side as well, especially if you are not the one to make the call. While listening to the caller, you can interrupt in an encouraging manner by saying ‘yes’, 'I see', 'okay', ‘right,’ ‘I know what you mean’, and so on. However, make sure that you don’t do it too often as well, as it might distract and even irritate the other person.
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    Default I think we had better of without phones at all!!!

    It prevents people from meeting in real life!!

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