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    Default Digital photography tips

    Tip 1:
    Compact digital cameras have a shutter delay. To reduce this, take some practice shots. Here’s a tip to help you find out how much of a delay you’re dealing with:
    • stand in the middle of the room, camera at the ready.
    • turn slowly, and while looking at the screen, press the shutter when you see a “marker” in the room (the “marker” could be a lamp, perhaps). Keep turning until the shutter fires.
    • When the camera has taken the shot, compare where it took the shot, with where you pressed the shutter – the difference is the shutter delay.

    Once you have found out how much delay there is, you can plan for it. For example, when taking a group photo; “ready? Three, two . . . press shutter button! . . . one, smile! . . . camera takes the shot!

    Tip 2:
    If you're taking photographs outside, a good digital photography tip is to make use of "the golden hour" if possible.

    There are two golden hours per day (so you have two chances every day to use this digital photography tip!). The first golden hour is one hour after sunrise, and the second golden hour is one hour before sunset.

    The light is less harsh than during the middle of the day and the result is photos with nice saturated colours. The golden hour works especially well for landscapes.

    Tip 3:
    Don’t waste time or battery power analysing your photos “in the field”. Better to make sure you have a big memory card, and just keep on snapping away!

    When you are back home, download your photos to your computer, and then separate the wheat from the chaff.

    Tip 4:
    A digital photography tip for those seeking the best quality photos – switch off the digital zoom.

    Digital cameras have both an optical zoom (which is good), but also a digital zoom (which is not so good!). The digital zoom just makes things appear larger by adding in extra pixels to your photo.

    As a consequence of this addition, photos will appear blocky or blurry. Best to turn it off in your settings menu.

    Tip 5:
    Don’t be afraid to use the flash when taking photos of people in daylight. If your subjects have harsh shadows on them, the flash will lighten these shadows, and the result will be much more appealing.

    Look through your camera settings for either a “fill in” flash mode, or an “on” mode (not “auto”).

    Tip 6:
    Never use the black and white mode! These days cameras have modes such as black and white, sepia, solarise . . . the list grows. But don’t use them.

    Once you have captured the image in black and white (or sepia, or solarise, or . . . ) you will never be able to put the colour back. Always take your photos in colour, and convert them when you get back home.

    Even the most basic editing software will be able to this for you. For example, Google’s Picasa can perform all of these effects, and a whole lot more. And it’s free. You can click here to

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    In this article I want to go over some basic digital photography tips that beginners and professionals should review from time to time. Digital cameras on the market today are very capable of producing breath taking photos that will amaze your friends and family with the help of a few easy tips.


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    Default Travel Photography Tips – 5 Important Tips

    If you’ve the opportunity to travel around places, you can’t wait to hang out at interesting hotspots that you can discover some unique features of that place. It’s a waste that you have nothing to record those unforgettable moments of your trip – therefore, you need to bring along your digital camera which is portable and convenient to use.

    In terms of getting a good picture when you’re traveling, there are few tips that can help you to capture stunning images:

    Tip No.1: Compile information about the destination

    Find out some interesting places that are meant for tourist to take photos. With respect to that, it’s better that you buy a travel map and mark down those tourist attractions so that you won’t miss a single interesting snapshot. Prepare a schedule for your trip and a list of photographic opportunities that you don’t want to miss.

    Tip No. 2: Don’t travel with a group

    Your creativity will be affected as travelling in a group can bring much distraction during your photo shoot. Probably you couldn’t stand other photographers taking shots at the same place as you did. If you cannot avoid travelling with a group, try your best to take different perspective of the subject by taking different shots from different angles. If there are some of travelling members

    Tip No. 3: Always has a strong sense of lighting

    If you want to take clear dazzling photos – therefore you need to know about the basics of lighting for your photo-shooting sessions. Make sure that the sun is behind of you when you’re capture image of the subject which is in front of you. If you’re taking pictures indoors or in dim conditions – you have to use flash in order to get a clear image of the subject and a way to avoid getting dark images.

    Tip No. 4: Apply the photo composition concept in your photo-taking sessions

    If you have the opportunity to visit heritage and historical buildings, you can move around your camera so that you can put the subject and other objects in the right boxes – you can switch your LCD display to gridlines or boxes, that most photographers use it to capture stunning images by focusing subject at the right spot.

    Tip No. 5: Interact with the people

    Interacting with the people able to build integrity and trust – you can take this chance to convince them to participate in your photo shoot. Certainly, this can add colors to your pictures if you include interesting faces and smiles in your snapshots.

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