Now that the New Year's party is over, it's time to set yourself some goals for the benefit of your own self and the world around you. I have some suggestions that can help you hitch on to some healthy habits and spiritual refinements. Get wise, keep fit and have the faith! Remember, you have nothing to lose. Here're 12 resolutions you can take up this year.
Get Wise

  • Be a better person in body, mind and intellect
  • Attain peace of mind, and equanimity
  • Kill pride, ego and arrogance and jealousy
  • Start reading the scriptures

Stay Healthy

  • Begin a breathing exercise
  • Reap the benefits of yoga
  • Make meditate part opf your daily routine
  • Become a vegetarian

Live Spiritually

  • Pray everyday of the year
  • Learn about other faiths
  • Set up a prayer room of your own
  • Go on a pilgrimage, or visit a temples,churches