Here Is What You Can Do To Heal Your Broken Heart, Ease Your Pain and Find Some Peace and Understanding About Your Break- Up or Divorce...

We both went through a lot of difficult times in those dark hours, days and weeks after our break- ups AND here are some important lessons for healing that can help you ...

1. Move! Find methods to stay extremely active*

Walk briskly every day to promote better health and decrease damage to your mind and body. Walking is suggested rather than a vigorous run or high-impact workout which may result in chronic injury.

2. Discover your life purpose*

Set your goals for life. Take the thoughtful moment to know what your values are and make sure your days are aligned with those values. These are two impactful ingredients in the formula to be happy. We have research that demonstrates that happy people live a lengthier life than unhappy people.

3. Take a down a notch: Give yourself a break

Put some time aside every day to decompress in a healthy manner.

4.The Power of Plants: Choose to be green on the inside

Get the know-how to create meals with vegetables and only add meat to those meals a few times each week. Create a garden and organically nourish your mind, body, and spirit with a gardening practice each day.

5. Belong somewhere: Stay social*

Connect with your friends and family regularly – especially during meals and activities.

6. Beliefs: Have rituals*

Whether it is a nature walk with friends or a daily meditation, create daily rituals and practice them.

7. Your People: Choose appropriately*

Cut out toxicity in your life and surround yourself with beautiful, healing energy.