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Thread: Carrot Coconut Juice

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    Default Carrot Coconut Juice


    4 nos - Carrot
    1 cup - coconut grated
    2 glasses - water
    2 tsp - sugar (optional)
    ginger, small piece

    Method :

    1. Cut the carrot into small cubes
    2. Put all the ingredients in the mixer and grind well
    3. Filter it and serve with ice cubes

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    Default good one... 7

    That sounds really good

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    Carrot Juice Recipe with Ginger and Lemon


    * 4 large organic carrots
    * 1 inch cube of ginger (2.5cm cube)
    * lemon

    How to Make

    1. Prepare carrots as previous recipe.
    2. Peel the ginger, and slice to fit your juicer.
    3. Chop the skin off the lemon.
    4. Juice and enjoy.

    You may prefer this with less ginger, if your not sure just start with a tiny piece - you can always add more

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