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Thread: 21 Careers for 21st Century

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    Arrow 21 Careers for 21st Century

    India is growing economically, stock market is booming, variety of job opportunities are emerging, jobs have started chasing people. As far as youngsters are concerned the situation is both exciting and the same time confusing. Here we have selected twenty career areas for you. But we have avoided the poplar engineering- medical areas in order to give more exposure to the lesser known but emerging careers.

    1. Retailing

    Retail is the fastest growing sector in the Indian economy. Traditional Markets are making way for new format such as departmental stores, hypermarket, supermarket and speciality stores. Western style malls have begun appearing in metros and second- rung cities alike, introducing the Indian Consumer to an unparalleled shopping experience. Young smart graduates with excellent communication skills and pleasing personality can find jobs easily in this sector. Management Graduates, accountants, students from software, designing etc can find suitable positions in retailing.
    Aviation Sector

    2. Commercial Pilots

    Pilots fly aircraft of all size, transporting passengers and cargo across the state and around the world. The basic qualification for pilot training is successful completion of matriculation, plus two/Equivalent with 50% marks in physics and maths. Two to three years training is required to get a commercial pilot license. As air traffic is growing, India is experiencing a sever shortage for trained pilots.

    3. Air Hostess

    Air hostess play hostess role in the air. Technically, air hostess is a flight steward or a cabin crew member who ensures passengers a comfortable flight. One should be a charming personality, have polished behavior, positive outlook, love travel and be willing to work at odd hours to be successful in this field. There are various Air hostess training courses available from three months to one year or even more, which train you in the technical aspects and also at the personality level. As the airline sector is booming world over, the future prospects are very bright.

    4. Hotel/Hospitality Management

    Hotel Management refers to professional management techniques used in hospitality sector. These can include hotel administration, accounts, marketing, house keeping, front office, food and beverage management, catering and maintenance. Hotel Mgt graduate can find placement in MNCís, Marketing, Airline, Railways, Ships, Retail, tourism sector etc.

    5. Event Management

    Event Management is a process of organizing professionally an event for a particular target group. It involves visualizing theme or concept, planning, budgeting, organizing and executing. Events such as sports, fashion shows, musical concerts, corporate seminars/conferences, exhibitions, wedding celebrations, festivals, parties, product launch, road shows etc now seek the help of professional event managers.

    6. Fashion Designing

    Fashion design refers to the design, manufacture and marketing of garments and textiles. Itís an ever changing industry; and there fore one needs to have an eye for details, flair for anticipating new trends and exceptional management and financial skills. Some popular institutions for training are National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Pearl Academy of fashion, National Institute of Design(NID).

    7. Film Making

    It is perhaps the most widely accepted medium of mass communication and therefore there is a sense of responsibility attached to a film maker. The person must be not only creative but also be equipped with technical know how of the entire production process. Film making include feature films, documentaries, newsletters, promotional films, TV commercials, music videos etc. Leading training centre in India are Film and Television Institute of India, Pune; Asian Academy of Film and Television, Noida, Satyagit Ray Film and TV Institute, Kolkota; Adayar Film Institute, Chennai etc.

    8. Animation and Graphic Design

    Animators conceptualize and produce series of drawings or design which create an illusion of movement when played back on film, video or through computer programme. Animators also work for publications, advertising, interactive media such as website and CD ROMs.

    Graphic design is the process and art of combining text and graphics and communicating an effective message in the design of logos, graphics, brochures, news letters, signs or any other type of visual communication. Related fields are visual communication, desktop publishing etc.

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    9. Advertising

    Advertising is the act of influencing a customer to purchase a particular product. Some of the commonly used media for advertising are TV, radio, website, newspapers, magazines, bill boards, hoardings etc. Since advertising is part of mass communication, you need to have excellent communication skills, creativity and ability to innovate. Related fields are public relations, journalism and mass communication, photography.

    10. Web Designing

    Web designing is the art and process of creating a single webpage or entire website and may involve both the aesthetics and technical aspects of a website operation. It involves aspects like graphics, animation, colour selection, font selection, navigation design, content writing, advertising etc.

    11. Beauty Care/ Cosmetology

    Do you admire beauty? Interested in making people beautiful? You can very well step into this filed. Career options are wide; saloons offer you positions as cosmetologists, beauticians, manicurist etc. You can also be self employed by running your own saloon. Opportunities are plenty in hotels, films field, visual media etc. Related fields are fashion making, hair styling, interior designing etc.

    12. Journalism

    Itís the discipline of gathering, writing and reporting news and broadly it includes process of editing and presenting news articles. Journalism is applied in a number of media; newspaper, TV, radio, magazines and most recently the World Wide Web thorough internet.

    13. Public Relations

    They are specialists in public relations and communications, develop and implement communication and promotion strategies and information programmes, publicize activities and events, and maintain media relations on behalf of business, governments other organizations and for performers, athletes, writes and other talented individuals.

    14. Food Technology

    Itís a study of science related to the processing of food stuffs and also includes preservation of fruit, meat, cooked food etc. Food technology studies the physical, chemical and biological components of food. Related fields are food science, home science, nutrition and dietetics.

    15. Photography

    Photography is a creative medium of expression. Photography is a profession as well as an art form. For photography as a career one must have extra quality, an interest in visuals, an attentiveness to colour, shape and shadow, an interest in light etc. Areas of specialization are Nature and Wilde life Photography, fashion photography, communication photography, industrial photography, press photography (photo- journalism) etc.

    16. Creative Writing

    Unfortunately many parents want their children to become doctors or engineers, but creative writing has a lot of scope. Do you have a natural talent to write? A passion for literature? One can become a creative writer, media writer, a short story writer, poet, a novelist, a playwright, copywriter, scrip writer- the possibilities are endless. What to do now? Itís simple. Just write! And keep writing. Read as much as possible. Write for your school/ college magazine. Itís all about trying! Trying hardÖ

    17. Banking

    The Banks are not only involved in money lending and deposits, but they are providing a range of financial products for their customers, from insurance and shares to mutual funds. The jobs are more glamorous and openings are at various positions right from sales to management. With international banks making there way in India the prospectus are very bright. As new generation banks focus on relationship banking one must have high level of soft-skills to be successful in this field.

    18. Insurance

    There are currently around twenty insurance companies in the market today. Many more are going to enter the fray soon. If we go by the present growth rate this is one of the sunrise industries, and has the potential to produce excellent job opportunities. Jobs are available in actuary, sales, administration, survey, loss assessment etc.

    19. Environmental Science/ Management

    Are you environmentally concerned? Worried about waste dumping? An environmental Scientistís career is emerging as one of the most sort after career. People and governments around the globe are increasingly concerned about the environmental issues like waste management, climate change, natural resources preservation etc. Main areas of specialization for career are environmental protection, conservation and protection of natural resources, wildlife, pollution control, environmental education and communication etc.

    20. Legal Studies

    Law education in India witnessed a sea change with the coming up of national law schools across India. They changed the face of law education in terms of quality as well as providing job opportunities. Big corporate houses, consultancy firms and law firms are the biggest employers.

    21. Stock Market

    Booming stock markets and mutual funds have led to exponential growth in the business of brokerage. Itís witnessing an unprecedented demand for stock traders and brokers, stock analyst, fund managers and financial advisers.

    ďSomebody is a great carpenter, somebody is a great shoemaker, somebody is a great scientist, somebody is a great money maker- they are all contributing whatever their potential allows them to life, with totality, not holding anything back. Naturally they should have equal opportunity to grow, and they should have equal respectĒ

    Donít fall for Stereotypes when it comes to career, because you are original.

    Follow Your Heart.

    Good Wishes for a great career!!!

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