Tips For Bleaching Skin

Freckles, acne scars, tanning or aging may cause skin discoloration. And to fight this coloration to achieve a smooth-looking skin you have an option of bleaching. There are many over-the-counter skin bleachers that are very effective but may contain harsh chemicals. And then there are natural treatments too that are safe and chemical free, but may take about a month before you notice a change in your skin. Speak to your dermatologist and pick the method that suits you best.

Bleaching By Natural Products
* Grind dried peel of two oranges to form powder. Add raw milk to it and form a medium consistency paste. Apply this mixture on your face and wash it off once it dries completely. You may choose to do this daily.
* Take the juice of 2 lemons, 2 cucumber slices with skin, 1 orange, 4 tbsp gram flour and blend them together. Add 5 tbsp of salt and sugar just enough to form a thick paste. Apply 1 tbsp of this paste on your face and neck. Rinse the paste off with lukewarm water once it dries completely. Repeat every day for a month to see a dramatic improvement in your skin.
* Potatoes have natural bleaching agents that work wonders for the skin. Grate two small raw potatoes and add 2-3 drops of lemon juice, few drops of honey and mix thoroughly. Wrap this mixture on a cotton cloth and apply the juice that oozes, all over your face. You can do this twice a week for quick results.
*Peel-off 15 fresh grapes and form a pulp in a blender. Apply this on your skin for 20 minutes and wash off with cold water.
*Mix 1 tsp wheat flour, 1 tsp milk powder, Ĺ tsp turmeric and make a smooth paste by adding as much yoghurt as needed. Apply it on the skin and allow it to dry completely. Wash off with lukewarm water.

Using Skin Bleaching Cream
*Look for a skin bleaching cream containing natural ingredients (kojic acid, licorice extract, berries, lemon juice extract etc). Hydroquinone and azelaic acid are present in the topical skin bleaches, however, they should only be used on your dermatologistís recommendation. Always choose a trusted and certified brand.
* Use a cotton swab to apply skin bleach directly to the dark area of skin only. If you have widespread areas that need to be lightened, use bleach that is safe for large areas.

General Tips For Fairer Skin
* Wear sunscreen and avoid unnecessary exposure to sun as it increases pigmentation and tanning.
* Use a mild cleanser to wash your skin at night and rinse with warm water.
* Before going to bed, apply a skin care product with hydroquinone every night. It inhibits melanin production.
* Use a scrubber or some exfoliating scrub to expose the newer, pigment-inhibited skin every morning.

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