This is a vital step and should be done prior to any form of facial procedure. For this, fill a large pot with some water, place it on flame and allow the water to come to a boil. Alternately, you can make use of an electronic steamer for the purpose. After the pot of water begins to boil furiously, lean into the pot and inhale. This will make your face moist and flushed and open up all the clogged pores.

Once the process of opening the pores with the help of steam is achieved, proceed to the next step i.e. applying a facemask. The mask used should be in accordance with the nature and tone of your skin. For sensitive or oily skin, it is best to use a product that has the word ‘clarifying’ mentioned over it. In case, you have dry skin, you can make use of something that is more moisturizing. You can also make use of a "rolling peel mask" that is regarded as a cross between a mask and a scrub.

After the mask is dry, remove it with the help of lukewarm water. Now, you can further extend the process of luxuriating by making use of some of the finest cleaning products on your face.

Blackhead Removal
This is another essential step that should be followed in case of a facial. For the purpose, you can easily avail strips or removers from any medical store. The strip has to be attached around the nasal area, starting from the base and going till the tip of the nose. Leave it on for some time. After a few minutes, pull it off and see all the blackheads attached on the inner covering of the strip.

Closing the Pores
An important step that should be followed towards the end of every facial procedure is the immersion of the face in ice-cold water. This helps in the tightening the pores and their closure, preventing the overactive sebaceous glands from causing breakouts and blackheads.