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Thread: About friendship

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    A true friend is always there for you
    A true friend will help you no matter ther problem
    A true friend is like a sister, she knows your better, than you know yourself
    A true friend is someone who knows when you're sad, ans can cheer you up when you need it most
    A true friend is someone that can make you laugh no matter what they say or do
    A true friend is someone who believes in you
    A true friend will stick by your side
    A true friend is someone you can call just if you need a shoulder to lean on
    But most of all a true friend will never leave you

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    It may not be the same,
    But some things never change.
    I feel it and I trust it,
    I still believe in forever
    Because that's what my heart knows.

    Memories are the dew drops on our petals
    That re-open the buds that have closed.
    Flowers wilt as seasons change,
    Though they grow a little more with rain.

    The sun will shine when in need,
    And left behind, a precious seed.

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    The chemistry
    The feeling
    The thoughts
    In each other hearts
    Special moment
    It belongs to us
    At first it was a just
    You and me, apart
    But our dreams
    It'll be forever there
    Soft as the clouds
    Brimful with sparks
    All of this belong to us
    For every time you made
    different in my life
    It only begins to show
    You and Me
    Just meant to be...

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    I once had a friend, who was a wonderful girl
    Being her friend was like haveing a bright, new pearl
    She was the best, she was so much fun
    But then one day she decided that she was done
    She would not talk, She would not play
    So I was left alone, left alone all day
    To tell her how i felt.. Well i didn't have the guts
    Yet everyday the pain got worse like big paper cuts
    This girl would get mad even when i would try to call
    I had a friend, A really nice friend, a friend that was no friend at all

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    Friend: that one special person
    who makes life a bit
    easier by just being
    there and listening to your
    problems and difficulties.

    Friendship: a special bond
    between two people.
    A bond that time
    cannot break. It is strong
    like a chain, with linking

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    Friendship is to trust
    Friendship is having the kindness to help
    Friendship is giving to others without thinking
    Friendship is being there when someone need you
    Friendship can be just a smile that brightens your day
    Friendship is giving more than you expect to receive
    Friendship is listening
    Friendship is offering your opinion when you think you need to
    Friendship can be many things
    Friendship is different for everyone
    Friendship could be holding a hand for support
    Friendship is lending your shoulder to cry on
    Friendship is mellow
    Friendship is giving back
    Friendship is only taking that what you need
    Friendship can be that voice of reason you give
    Friendship could also be a boost of encouragement when it’s needed
    Friendship stands the test of time
    Friendship is show in many different ways
    Friendship can be everlasting
    Friendship is not always an easy thing
    Friendship is hard to break apart
    Friendship is strong
    Friendship should never be taken for granted
    Friendship is meant to be shared with all
    Friendship is free and rewarding to share
    Friendship can be unforgettable
    Friendship is priceless to many
    Friendship is a secret never to be told
    Friendship is not having to say sorry but do
    Friendship is not judging no matter what
    Friendship is to share, the joy and the fear
    Friendship is someone to run too when things are tough
    Friendship is a hand to hold when things are so rough
    Friendship is someone to laugh with not at you
    Freindship is just knowing they are there
    Freindship is very personal
    Freindship is all of thes things and many more
    This is are how I see friendship
    To have a true Friend is the best thing to achieve
    We all have one but it may take a very long time to find them.

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    The greatest Gift,
    in the end
    was a family
    and a Friend.
    An ear to lend
    a hand to hold,
    and you,
    my Friend -
    your heart of gold.

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    How could you hurt me,
    The way that you did,
    I'm here for you always,
    Is what you had said?
    Now that you've lied,
    Our friendship is dead,
    It is now gone,
    Left in the past,
    Ours was a friendship,
    I thought would last,
    Why did you lie?
    Why'd you pretend?
    To actually care,
    To be my good friend,
    It pains me to know,
    It's come to an end,
    Somehow I guess it just wasn't right,
    Our friendship's now cold,
    And dark as the night,
    I've come to the fact,

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    Growing pains
    Broken chains
    A sad melody

    Falling tears
    Listening ears
    A friend just for me

    Reaching out
    Sharing doubt
    When life gets me down

    Hands to clutch
    Gentle touch
    Can turn me around

    Spoken words
    Softly heard

    Holding tight
    Loving light
    Calm serenity

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    Rainbows created my imagination
    As it arched across the sky
    On one end there sat you
    At the other end, there sat I

    Imagining I could slide across
    Over the rainbow to the end
    There would be my pot of gold
    The sweet love of my dear friend

    The rainbow is a connection
    Like a bridge from me to you
    It appears joined by sunlight
    Then the grey skies turn to blue

    Arriving after the rainstorms
    It became so evident to me
    Thoughts of love follow rainbows
    They arched right across the sea

    A colourful arching rainbow
    It has no gate, it has no door
    It reaches from friend to friend
    It arches from shore to shore

    I smiled up today at the sky
    How far would my loving smile go
    It slid right over to the other side
    The other end of the coloured rainbow

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