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Thread: 10 secrets to a happy marriage

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    Arrow 10 secrets to a happy marriage

    Here are some good tips for a happy marriage:

    • Avoid arguments of in-laws. This is definitely a very sensitive area. Always steer clear if you want peace to prevail. Each partner is always on the defensive where his/her relatives are concerned. So why tread on thin ice?
    • Give gifts. No better 'bribe' than a gift! There can be a gift for every occasion. Fights, love statements, thank you, can all be expressed with a gift. This all in addition to the regular birthday, anniversary, Valentine Day gifts that are de rigueur.
    • Show your pleasure / appreciation when given gifts. Say a thank you when you receive a gift. Think of all the time and effort taken in having gone out and purchased that gift. There may be times when you do not think highly of the gift but please even if you have to fake it - show your appreciation. It will gladden your partner's heart.
    • Avoid detailed questioning about work, business etc. Be there for your partner if he / she needs you, but don't add on to the pressure.
    • Try and identify stressful phases. Make yourself available to your partner at such times.
    • Prepare favourite dishes on and off. A good meal can put anyone in a great mood. And while the way to his heart may be through his stomach... she is no different!
    • In an argument check your temper. Things said in anger leave an indelible impression. Even if you regret your words later, you can't take them back.
    • Let there be a balance between give and take. It's all about reciprocity. You give some, you get some. If either partner is a giver or a taker only, the balance will be lost.
    • Take holidays. Take a break from work and go for a holiday to spend time off together, away from the daily rigmarole. It will rejuvenate your relationship.

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    good thanks for sharing

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