WebriQ provides a comprehensive online website builder and content management system that enables anyone to publish their own website, and that from a simple informative website to a complex multisite and multilingual business, community or news portal.
WebriQ complies with the five big demands of a today’s software platform: Mobility, Ease of use, Simplicity, Speed and feature richness.
Unique and innovative features of the platform include: drag and drop menu editor multisite and multilanguage within the same domain interchangeable templates and skin templates fully customizable designs – with Header slideshow. a powerful and advanced word-type editor multiple site administrators user security through registration and a state-of-the-art video and audio gallery or blog embedded on your site and with an own video player
Beyond that, one can include and manage Forums, blogs, articles, newsletters , banners, logos, links, widgets (including Google Maps), event calendars, voting modules, Editable Forms and sports tables. The business package includes a one-size fit-all e-commerce module that can put your web shop on-line in a matter of days and this without the need of advanced IT or integration skills. There is a picture gallery module where you can download all kinds of images and display them in carousel mode. Last but not least: we offer integrated statistics on all articles, blogs and videos and you can add Google statistics to your site just by putting your Google ID into your web interface.
WebriQ offers five different service packages, starting from a Lite service all the way up to a Pro service, for those users who want to build and operate different content within the same domain name or the same content in different languages, and who want to take advantage of a fully featured content management system. We currently offer an interface in six different languages namely English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Hungarian and will continue to build additional language interfaces in the near future.
Users can sign-up for a 30 day FREE trial on any of the packages available and are able to use the entire functionality of the platform during the trial period. Within that trial period, users can convert at any time to one of the free or to one of the commercial services available. At the end of the trial period, users will be automatically converted to one of our FREE services.
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