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Thread: The top 10 way to be happy

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    Default The top 10 way to be happy

    How do you know if you are truly happy? What does it mean? Happiness is a compound and complex emotion, but its broad definition is what makes it accessible to everyone. Check through this list and consider how frequently you experience each of these sensations. There is a positive correlation between that frequency that you feel those things and your perception of how 'happy' you are. If you're not feeling so great, choose one item at a time and put yourself in a situation where you're bound to encounter it.

    1. Relaxation
    When you are truly relaxed, you are receptive and calm. Disappointments and challenges are not a threat to your peace. Relaxing can be as simple as three deep breaths at your desk, or as deep as meditation or yoga.

    2. Achievement
    To set your sights on a goal, persevere past obstacles and setbacks, and finally see the goal to fruition is a powerful act. Start with small, easily attainable goals.

    3. Health
    Health of body, mind and spirit. When all systems are running smoothly and in harmony, life looks pretty darn good.

    4. Fun
    Doing things that make you laugh actually has a chemical effect on your mood. Play with your kids or pets, watch a funny movie or just go out and whoop it up.

    5. Expression
    Learn how to get your point across--even if it may never be heard by anyone else. Paint it, say it, sing it, write it, lift it, twirl it, jump around about it. Think your thoughts, feel your feelings, but be free from them.

    6. Wisdom
    Educate yourself. Wisdom and knowledge are two very different things, but you should collect as much of both as you can. Spend time with wise and educated people. Go places where you will learn things.

    7. Exhilaration

    There is an implication of a tiny bit of fear with this word. Exhilaration comes with an extreme experience, where a fear has been faced, conquered and thoroughly enjoyed.

    8. Inspiration
    This may come from above, from within or from another mortal like yourself. Be in awe of something or someone. Know that there is always something bigger than you out there and strive to be closer to it.

    9. Energy
    Do something with gusto and enthusiasm, even if it's a little out of character. Vim and vigor are not a couple of circus performers. It's hard to be down with a spring in your step.

    10. Fulfillment

    What do you do that makes you feel whole? Do it more often.

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    relaxation nr 1???? that seems... lazy

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