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    Have you ever wanted to see your son or daughter ranking in final exam? Perhaps it is in your mind. But you can't express. It may be the fact that somtimes you get frustrated. Just for a second you think that higher education is not possible ever for your kids. Why? Is he/she is not intelligent enough? Believe none is intelligent none is fool. Mind Power is the wardstick. Check whether your kids are suffering from the following ::

    He or she does not want to study. It has become a panic. Perhaps he or she is not attentive. Sometimes students try a lot but don't get satisfactory result. You believe that your kids are not having enough intelligence. They also think that they lack proper intelligence.
    Putting more stress may result in better? They plan to meet an astrologer.

    Yeh! Making a good result depends on some basics. It depends on the following.

    Genetic effects;
    Mental strength;
    Mental stability;
    Gray matter activitation;
    Proper environment;
    Proper guidance;
    Economic condition;
    Ability to dream;
    Systematic planning;
    Proper implementation.

    Sorry Sir. Genetic factor is very critical to determine. Perhaps a farmer may have more intelligence and intellect than a so called well educated Professor. So it is found sometimes that son of a farmer from a remote village is making a marvellous result than that of a Professor's Kid in some Metropoliton. So don't think that you are inferior to anybody. We all are more or less intelligent and having the same brain capacity. The most important factor is that how we are using our brain? No one is dull. Everyone in this world knows how to survive. So he or she is not a fool. No one takes birth with differentiating brain than others. Creative work is the yardstick of measuring brain power. After we grow up and start cultivating our brain, in simple words start brain storming, our brain gets matured and brain power develops. And yes. This is the maturity of brain found in so many permutations and combinations in everybody that we get puzzled and start saying that he or she is more intelligent than others.

    So there is a way to activate it. If you read something in diagram basis rather than going through it by the process of quick memorizing, it is found that the brain takes less time in the said process rather than the process said later. Now go for memorization. I illustrate this just by a vivid example.

    Suppose you have to memorize the biography of Mahatma Gandhi. The best way is that first you go through it casually and pick up the main points such as birth date,place,education in short,freedom fights and death. Then you write them in your exercise book sequentially. Now stop. Image of this work has already been printed in your brain cell. Now go for memorization of the whole and it will surely take less time. This process is applicable for all subjects. Thus a student who used to get 20 or 30 in a subject in exam, can make everybody surprised securing a hi-fi result perhaps in board exams. There are lot of other procedures by which you can increase the gray matter activity.

    Can you answer these questions?

    For better memory,should you study early in morning or late in night?
    At which time should you study history and when to do maths?
    Should you read first or slow for better memory?
    Which food can improve your IQ?
    How many hours you must sleep?
    What increses one's creativity?

    Actually it is surprising that schools/colleges teach for 12 to 15 years but never pay time for any class in improvising memory. Perhaps they don't care or they don't know. And when we start talking on this people get astonished and surprised. Do you know that if there is a some particular music playing behind the scene, your mind starts functioning better. Thus more tricks are there which are outcome of researches throughout the world in attempt to improve our mind power. And finally "Brain Mapping" is a scientific collection of processed steps by which your kids can make the excellence in education.

    Arnab Ghosh,
    Admin,Mod Studio India.

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    Default Quite true

    Your posting is quite true. But still many won't believe you. They are not so scientific. Ha Ha Ha! They are morons.


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