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Thread: Hi I need suggestions for my clan website!!!

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    Default Hi I need suggestions for my clan website!!!

    I made a clan website for the game Knight Online and I need some suggestios to make it better.

    The clan website is above :D

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    Default hello

    hello Icanhelp you please send mail for me and say your problems! :o

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    Your site is far from done if you ask me,..... missing things like game info, char info, weapons and things like that..... looking at your main page I can only guess what kind of game it is,.... and i did guess RPG....

    Then I would center the image at the top of your page.
    And there was 1 thing I could not found a reason for : your site has a bottom scroll bar (horizontal scroll) there is no image on your page that's cosing the problem to this so the wrror must be in one of your frames (most likely your main page frame that has a setting above 100%) An other reason for this can be that you have your settings above most commen settings (most common : 1024x768) some html editors will take over thies settings and make that 100% ...... with an end resuld that your page will always have a bottom scroll bar for all orher users.

    and if I was you i would link the members page to a page on the forum where you can updait the members stats easyer,... cos we all know to edit many image's every week becomes very boring and will be forgotten most of the time.... and if you don't like to use the forum to upkeep the member stat's then I would remover the level info from the image.....

    I hope you my comment was any use to you, keep up the good work,.... afterall a clan page is never realy done.


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