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Thread: India's First Mixed MAA Movie HATHAPAYI Bollywood JKD movie leak

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    Default India's First Mixed MAA Movie HATHAPAYI Bollywood JKD movie leak

    HATHAPAYI Bollywood JKD movie leak -Bikini Babes & Richard Bustillo, Original Student of Bruce Lee!

    A LEAKED sneak preview of promo trailer for India's first MMA (Mixed martial arts) movie "Hathapayi" a big budget martial arts movie made by professional martial artists and directed by ex forces Instructors. this one is being made with natural full contact bouts instead of no contact simulation, body doubles & cable/ wireworks. The Movie features Jeet Kune Do, the martial art founded by Bruce Lee. The producers have roped in Richard Bustillo, the Iron Dragon of Jeet Kune Do, one of Bruce Lee's seniormost students, from LA, USA to feature in the movie.

    The lead gals with unbelievable bodies were apparently selected after screening over 300 female martial artists over 6 months. The Movie features bikini babes with 6 packs and tank tops, war paint and high impact action. The action sequences were shot full contact to establish the new genre of reality action cinema.The producers are keeping this one under the wraps for a surprise mega release in 2014.

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