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    Default Will I be able to....

    Will I be able to make a section in my website a downloads page?
    Because before when I used hosting everytime I tried uploading a video clip or a download link to my site it wouldnt let me do it.
    So I was looking around the net and found I havnt started a site yet with it but The Type of site I am making is a splinter cell themed site (Splinter Cell Fan Site). here is splintercell link to let you know what sc is if u dont.
    But Anyways as I was saying when i made my tripod website the MB was 20MB and here its 50MB i belive which is 2 times more but the main reason i want that much is for the downloads page. For easy access for people to watch the splinter cell vids posted by ubisoft and user made vids.
    I will also include many other facts about splinter cell.
    So Hopefully someoen will reply....Sorry or long post but felt neccesary.

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    Hmmm, this isn't really the best host for putting videos on, since the max file size is 2 megs.

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    Read the FAQ
    Alowed file typ are:
    If they are lower than 2MB you probably can upload it.


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