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    Default Best CMS Portal

    I have seen a lot of CMS portal that is powered by phpnuke or mambo.

    I have tried various...but like cpgnuke a lot better. I personally think it is easier to use and install module/block.

    Any idea.

    You can try is out at
    It provide demo for most porpular CMS outside. Nice Website.
    You can also follow link to download the CMS program to be installed to your website.

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    Well you are right .... but for a lighter CMS that will work great for Hosts such as Bizhat, i just discovered LIMBO.... of cause LIMBO is a light weight version from Mambo, though it was not developed by the same developers.

    It does not make use of mysql databases. It creates a text file that stores all the information. So once you have achieved your php access, I'll recommend LIMBO for the best CMS to use...


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    I alway have problems with installing limbo!
    can never get past the databse setup!

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    Default Ummm

    Um...I can install Limbo and use it very well. sometime problem are from your computer. :?


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