It took me ages to learn this! how to protect my computer for free, sounds difficult? well its not! :p

1.) I use AVG anti virus i think this is brilliant software for free and is so easy to use! its even better then some you pay for!

2.) For anti-spyware i used microsoft anti-spyware (u heard it right microsft :p) this softwrae is ok and is also free!! it did the job, i prefered this to spybot which i found didnt work.


1.) Banner maker pro 6, cant afford paint shop? use this softwrae it has a free 30 day trl and is pritty good.

2.) Cores ftp is also good but i have not had alot of experiance with this so dont take my word! :p

3.) Mozilla Firefox, this is a substitue for internet explorer and god is it good! it has 1000 times more protection then internet explorer and u can have gr8 add ons with u download formt he offical site such as weather bar, google bar etc and best of all NO SPYWARE!