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Thread: Looking for a meaningful relationship online?

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    Red face Looking for a meaningful relationship online?

    There are many dangers in online dating that may occur because of the anonymity. On the net we also are unable to recognize the physical cues that we see in everyday life, such as body language, dress, personal hygiene, tone of voice and how we are able to judge verbal statements. It is also possible that people can be looking for various things, one person may be looking for a meaningful relationship while the other may be looking for some thing completely different.

    • Use security first-maintain a degree of anonymity
    • If you are emailing your online dating partner-use free email services like hotmail
    • Do not use details like surnames, phone numbers and addresses
    • Use honesty-do not lie or exaggerate
    • Offer references and perform background checks.
    • Note the content of the emails-if they are general in their content there may be a problem, women are more influenced by words and men are influenced by images-be careful of persuasive writers.
    • Beware of each other's expectations and intentions.
    • Talk on the phone a few times before arranging a meeting.
    • Do not believe everything you read online. You can be anything or anyone you want to be online. That tall,dark,handsome 24-year-old guy may not be tall, may not be 24 and most importantly, may not be a guy.
    • Listen to yourself. All of us have an inner voice which tells you what to do. And more than often it's right. So listen to it.. even if it is feeble.
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