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Thread: Tips On Organising Your Refrigerator

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    Default Tips On Organising Your Refrigerator

    If you feel that your fridge is not big enough for your needs and you are stuffing things in just so they can be cooled down, then itís high time you organised your fridge. Once you organise your fridge and arrange everything according to a plan, you will realise that it was not that your fridge was too small, but that you needed to rearrange things to make more room. A well organised and properly packed fridge has its advantages. The biggest of these advantages is that a fridge that is at least ĺ full will consume less electricity than an almost empty fridge. Another advantage is that, if your fridge is properly organised, you wonít have to worry about food getting spoilt because it got pushed to the back and you forgot about it. Not to mention that a well organised fridge will ensure that you always know what you need to replace or buy more of.

    Organising your fridge will not take too much time and is easy to maintain. So letís take a look at what can be done to organise your fridge.

    The Door Of The Fridge

    * The top most part of the door has provisions to house eggs and should be used for just that.

    * Use the middle shelves of the door to keep bottles of sauce or soft drinks. You can even keep things like butter here so that it does not acquire the smell of other food kept in the fridge. This section is also good for storing cartons of milk.

    * Use the bottom shelf of the door for bigger bottles, like a 2 litre bottle of water or some soft drink.

    The Freezer
    * Use the freezer to store only food items, like meat or ice-cream, that need to be kept frozen.

    * Avoid putting bottles in the freezer.

    * Most freezers come with special brackets built in to support ice trays. Use these to make ice. Donít put in extra trays if you donít need them.

    * If the freezer has separate shelves, make sure you keep ice-cream on the top shelf and the meat below it.

    The Main Section
    The main section of the fridge is divided in to 3 separate parts meant for 3 different purposes.

    * The top of the main section is known as the chiller and should be used to store things like cream, packets of milk, cheese cubes or chocolates.

    * Just below the chiller are the main shelves of the fridge. These should be used to keep bigger dishes with food in them.

    * Make sure you do not put any hot food in the fridge. Let the food come to room temperature before putting it in the fridge.

    * I you have leftovers then pack them in plastic containers and keep them towards the front of the fridge so that you can see and reach them with ease.

    * It is best to use plastic containers with lids in this section of the fridge. The lids will ensure that the smell of the food does not stay in the fridge. The lids will also allow you to put one box on top of the other if the need arises.

    * Below the bottom shelf is the vegetable crisper. The crisper is designed to store vegetables and should be used for just that. Wrap the vegetables in plastic before putting them in the crisper.

    A well organised fridge will not only allow you to access the food easily but will also make it easy for you to keep the fridge clean.

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    i just started to organise it and surprise, i have a lot more room in it :@

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