Arya is content in his own league. It’s this quality that makes him so endearing.

It’s his child-like vulnerability that strikes you the most, when you have a conversation with the actor.

He may give the “I’m casual about my work”- vibe but directors like Bala and now AL Vijay vouches that there is no compromise for Arya when it comes to his work.

Meet Kollywood’s most adored young star in his most candid mood on the eve of the release of his big budget period drama called Madharasapattinam. Excerpts

Are you tensed on the eve of the release?
(Laughs) My job is over when the film is complete. What happens after that is in the hands of the audiences. It’s the love and affection of the fans that matters most. My job is to give every role I portray, my best shot. I don’t have any hang-up’s and I like doing things my way. I am doing my best to promote the film. I am relaxed and chilled out.

Tell us about Paruthi, the character you are doing in the film?
Paruthi is a poor dhobiwala who is also a wrestler. He is strong headed and you will see a new Arya as far as acting, and body language goes. This guy falls in love with the British governor’s lovely daughter and how he fights against the powerful British for his love.

How was it working with Vijay?
He is the most hardworking director that I’ve ever met. He is so clear in his thoughts and this film is his dream comes true. I have to confess that Vijay totally controlled me and made me act the way he wanted, something I’ve not done so far. But I enjoyed it to the hilt. And if someone says that my acting is good, the credit goes to Vijay.

How did you complete a period film of such huge canvass in less than 100 days?
It was perfect planning. Vijay was ready with sketches and a bound script before the shoot started. He has spent almost a year in pre-production, research and making sketches and with cameraman Nirav Shah and art director Selva around, it was picture perfect. Producer Aghoram totally believed in Vijay and his script and that’s how we completed the film in just 103 days.

Any nostalgic moments during the making of the film?
(Thinking). We were shooting the climax in Mohan Studio where art director Selva had re-created the Central Railway station of 1947. The scene was happening on August 14, 1947 the night before Independence and we all suddenly realized that it was August 14, 2009. We all became so nostalgic and emotional about the whole shoot that we became speechless for some time. I can never forget that day.

How was Amy Jackson on the sets?
She is such a sweet person. Very hard-working, sincere and down-to-earth that she would even go to the extent of getting up from her seat whenever someone on the sets gives her a glass of water or juice and say ‘Thank You”.

Do you think the film will be a hit?
If not for anyone, but for Vijay I hope the film becomes a huge hit. Aghoram believed in the script and if the film works big time, it will be a reward for him and big boost to other producers to make more Madharasapattinam’s in future.