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Thread: Computer Tips: A Quick way to print a Document

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    Default Computer Tips: A Quick way to print a Document

    There are many ways to prints a document, but you can print a document quickly if you put a shortcut to the printer on your desktop and drag a document icon to it, no need to open file for printing just drag a file to printer icon and get your print.

    To do this, first click Start button, Settings, then Printers ( first make sure you installed your printer driver). When the Printers window opens, hold down Ctrl and drag the printer icon to your system desktop.

    Now you can drag a document icon and drop it in printer icon on your desktop. Here you will get a print quickly and with out open a file.

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    haha, rite on. i forgot all about that. i remember way back in the day thats how we had to print on the old dinosaur macs in school :P

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