FixWin – Free Utility to fix 50 known issues in Windows

Just came across FixWin a free utility for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. FixWin is interesting because all it does is a fix 50 known issues in Windows 7 and Windows Vista with 10 fixes under 5 different categories. FixWin doesn’t identify or diagnose a problem for you but if you know you do have a problem that FixWin can resolve then the resolution is just click away.

FixWin is a portable application meaning it doesn’t need installation on your system. Simply unzip the download and run the FixWin application. It’s that simple.

Interestingly, FixWin can help you run System File Checker a well known Windows utility which basically checks for corrupt system files and replaces them and can help you create a Restore point before fixing the issues.

The categories of issues that can be resolved include

Windows Explorer
Internet & Network connectivity
Windows Media
System Tools
and Additional common fixes for Windows

Click here to download FixWin

The picture gallery below shows all the problems that FixWin can indeed fix.