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Thread: Arthunkal churcha now Basilica

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    Default Arthunkal churcha now Basilica

    b d VJCW U A A. {JX K bVբ {AK i ca U V޿dw آJ J JX W KJ A; cJ. c յ VJCW.

    VJCW AA VJAIU VM ߵ a d K W VK ߵ N{J . xX JMW ߂. d A AVBZ V

    11 ȿAK ߂.

    . xX O MZ ߵ. A K Â VA. OAX յG cI޵. V޿VA cB{A. fAA V޿V JK VJCW J ~c Z ε {.

    M͵V VJע {Ja KJ K . W d ߢ Z d 22 d Z Y 29 A. A d~c߂I VM d M߂ 21 B{I޵K ߦV: . ߼ ص E.

    VJCW U

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