If the high literacy levels in Kerala are a sign of the Malayalees quest for knowledge and awareness, "Malayalam Cinema" is a mirror to his superior taste, cultural finesse and class. Malayalam movies have traditionally had a 'stand apart' quality about them in comparison with other Indian language movies, with Bengali movies having some similarity. Realism has been the cornerstone of Malayalam cinema, realism that is all pervasive and evident in every aspect of the movie, from the selection of the theme, earthy dialogs, real life situations and non- contrived screen play, natural portrayal of characters and humour that blends with the situation. It is no wonder that these masterpieces made on a shoe string budget draw rave reviews and critical acclaim in film festivals from Cannes to Berlin. Closer home a great compliment to Malayalam Cinema comes from none other than a man considered the most accomplished actor in contemporary Indian cinema, Kamal Hassan loves to recall his association with Malayalam films during the early part of his career, an association which according to him helped hone his talents and understand films better, could there be a better compliment.
Mollywood Fox is an online tribute to the saga of Malayalam cinema and the architects past and present that make it happen, we are passionate about Malayalam movies and wish to share it with Malayalees and other connoisseurs of Malayalam cinema all over the world. We realized that a portal on Malayalam cinema should have some basic elements of what it is portraying to make it both enjoyable and relevant. The best way to cover creative talent is by putting creative and passionate people on the job. So we went about picking the best of breed talent available in the industry to breathe life and expertise into the sections they cover.
Here is a quick glance at people who help make Mollywood Fox the most authentic, in-depth and entertaining Malayalam movie portal and undoubtedly the most loved.
Editorial which is the backbone of any news magazine is entrusted to a highly experienced team of film journalists; we keep shuffling the team so there is always a whiff of fresh air in our editorial columns
Humour and Pun come naturally to Malayalees, especially the broadmindedness to laugh at pressing issues and even at our own selves, what is a site for Malayalees without fun and banter. 'Caricature' the humour and satire column by veteran columnist Karthika Kattanam lampoons the high and the mighty and takes a pot shot at just about everything both funny and serious making the world around light and cheerful. It is a fun column that not just tickles your brain but also your grey cells.
Interviews are quite naturally one of the most popular sections of a movie magazine and fans are ever too eager to lap up just about everything that their favourite stars and other film personalities want to share on their likes and dislikes, opinion, experiences and future plans and anything else from the horse's mouth. It calls for a great interviewer to make a great interview regardless of who is being interviewed. A good interviewer frames the right questions for the right person, questions that do not annoy or cross the limits of decency and brings out the best in them, lets his subject hog the lime light while he remains unobtrusively in the background. Watch some great interviews unfold with Shaji Karatathipara the seasoned interviewer as he goes about unravelling and discovering your favourite film personalities and little known facts about them.
The crowning glory or the brightest gem in the Mollywood Fox crown is ‘Flashback’ the exclusive nostalgia section by Shri Mohandas Kalarickal among Kerala’s most respected journalists and octogenarian. Mollywood Fox gives you the pleasure of walking down the memory lane with the man who has 'seen it all' in the world of Malayalam Films. 'Flashback' captures the glory of a bye gone era and enchants you with the golden moments and vintage collection of happenings in Malayalam cinema that few are aware of. Most of our readers we are sure would by now be aware of 'scoops', a scoop is breaking a news before anyone else has, scoops involve digging out facts and figures that the world is still unaware of and make great cover stories and selling points for any paper or magazine. Viewed from this point 'Flashback' is truly an exclusive scoop from the archives of Malayalam cinema available exclusively to readers of Mollywood Fox.