For the past couple of days there is strong buzz going on the star cast of Shankar’s latest remake project ‘3 Idiots’ that three top actors Vijay, Madhavan and Simbu are going to play the three lead roles in Tamil version and it is also said that Maddy will be playing the same role Telugu also. Now the confirmed sources say that Maddy is not going to be a part of Shankar’s remake project.

Madhavan has tweeted “I am unfortunately unable to do 3 Idiots in Tamil and Telugu. I am really sorry about that.” He also said that as he is given prior commitments to other projects for long time schedules in coming months and at the same time he doesn’t want to repeat the same character in this remake what he did it in original, he himself opted out of the project. He tried to convince his fans by saying that the director Shankar will definitely replace a top actor for his role.