Ajay Devgn's role in Once Upon A Time in Mumbai seems to have impressed not only the film fraternity, but also his acclaimed actress-wife Kajol.

After watching the film, she has started addressing Ajay as 'gangsta' along with his professional buddies.

A source reveals, "Ajay, Kajol and his directors like Madhur Bhandarkar, Rohit Shetty, Mahesh Bhatt and Ashwini Dhir watched his latest flick Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai together at his private screening.

His gangster look seems to have made Kajol fall in love all over again with the actor.

After the movie Kajol kept addressing Ajay as 'my gangsta'. All the directors, who loved his villainous role, agreed with Kajol and have nicknamed him with the same name."

The source continues, "Kajol obviously likes all his roles, but when it comes to the wicked villainous roles she totally adores him and feels he does complete justice to such roles.

After the movie Kajol and the gang of directors kept repeating his Sultan Mirza dialogues especially the one "jo apni maa ki izzat nahi karta, mein unka baap banke aata hoon.'

When contacted, Ajay laughed and said, "Yes apart from my friends and directors, Kajol has also started addressing me as the new gangsta."