Adv Lakshmanan – Ladies Only A nice comedy that can make you sit smiling in the cinemas, right from start to finish, is always welcome. That is exactly what you expect from a film like Adv. Lakshmanan – Ladies Only, but then, this film disappoints big time.

Besides some of that trademark Mukesh style gags which lacks the earlier fizz and a ridiculous twist in the tale, there is nothing much left, in this highly forgettable film.

Lakshmanan (Mukesh) is an expert lawyer, specialized in getting divorces for suffering wives. Once the marriage breaks, the women start working in his pickle company. With the same tricks, the same set of lawyers (Suraj Venjarammood appearing for the husbands) and even the same judge, things quite expectedly become mundane soon after.

More drama is in store as a pretty college lecturer named Annie (Mallika Kapoor) falls in love with the lawyer. Happy ending, did you say? Actually the real game starts now, announces the director as we head for the interval and you are in for some silly melodrama, emotions, action and even murder.

The basic thing here is that even comedies need a solid storyline to bank upon and that is where this film falters big time. The story progresses without a definite direction and is quite a test of patience for the viewer.

Let us not discuss much about the film’s script, direction and the technical aspects. It is evident that the makers don’t expect the film to be reviewed that seriously. The visuals and the music doesn’t make much of an impact either and is tailor made for a comedy film like this one.

On the acting front, Mukesh does his role in a half-hearted way. Mallika Kapoor has nothing much to do and makes no particular impression as well. The rest of the comedy gang including Suraj Venjarammood, Jagadeesh, Harisree Asokan and Ponnamma Babu does everything to make the viewers laugh in their usual ways. But the script offers nothing for them to perform.

On the whole it is a lowbrow comedy made with zero imagination and logic. If you are looking for an intelligent comedy, this one is not your pick. Now the decision is all yours!