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Thread: Work from home! Make your own hours and be your own boss.

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    Default Work from home! Make your own hours and be your own boss.

    You can work any time of the day! It doesn't matter if you work at the crack of dawn or at midnight.
    Best of all, you can choose how many hours you want to work. It all depends on how much you want to get paid.

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    anyone who owns a legit business essentially does this. as far as internet at work programs... ive foundem all to be scams... 2 good to be true

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    Working from home has many advantages, from being our own boss,the personal freedom that we can enjoy,spend more time with friends and family,and mainly its a creative outlet that boosts our confidence.I experience this day to day since I work from my home.I have been into online business for the past few years,I do reselling business with ,I chose this business because there was no way to get scammed if we found a legit reselling company.It is very easy to make a good turnover because the cost for each service is fixed by reseller and also it has a fixed commissioned pay for each sale.Since many people want to open websites for their business for attracting customers through internet they will be in need of domain related services.The customer service and payment is handled by the reselling company and hence I just have to promote the services. We definetly need skill to work from home.It may take time to learn the skills but then only we can make money through a legal away otherwise there are chances of getting scammed.


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