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Thread: E-Commerce Business - Learn the Steps

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    Default E-Commerce Business - Learn the Steps

    E-Commerce Business - Learn the Steps

    This discussion is intended for a view on different aspects of an e-commerce business, not necessarily selling on your website alone but to sell products anywhere online including ebay, amazon etc.

    I will be writing the empty sections over the time. Please check back for updates.

    What to Sell
    A very crucial decision for the success selling online.
    Check out this thread to learn what to sell online.

    Product Sourcing
    Lot of people spend days even months looking for suppliers for the product they like to sell. I have made two threads on how you can find suppliers with free and paid options.

    * Finding suppliers free
    * Paid supplier listing

    I personally recommend you try the free options first. If you are to sell a very specific product its always better to reach the manufacturer first to see if you can open an account with them directly, as your profit margin would be maximized since you cut through any middle man.

    Different Types of Product Sourcing
    coming soon...

    Legalize Your Business
    Legalizing your e-commerce business is essential for many reasons.

    Profit Margin
    Check this thread to learn how to check supplier product pricing if profitable.

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    Default Some tips for successful e-commerce business:

    Some tips for successful e-commerce business:

    1. Target the Un-Targeted:
    Know your customers thoroughly and target those needs that are unseen by your competitors.

    eBay is a bright example. eBay was quick to recognize peoples' desire to earn economic profits by trading second-hand products. eBay realized the need for a platform where such buyers and sellers could meet and trade. ECommerce technologies helped eBay to create the required platform required and the rest is history.

    When you are new to online business- Start Small but Start Right.

    2. Strong Business Planning:
    Have complete knowledge of your revenue source, break-even duration and other important strategic details from the beginning, and decide on the milestones that are to be achieved. You should know the right moment to expand your business and plan for future sources of revenue.

    The Internet business has a cruel history of bringing about disastrous changes at phenomenal speed. Be prepared to face such upheavals and have plans in place to manage such turbulent times.

    3. Business Friendly ECommerce Software:
    Always choose software that is easy to manage and allows you to focus on your core business activities.

    your business requirements. Analyze ECommerce software in terms of its scalability, security and the amount of customization allowed.

    Invest in a solution that not only meets your present requirements, but also is capable of accommodating your future business needs.

    4. Create a Web Store with a Difference:
    Visual memory is more enduring than textual memory. Correct branding is important for the success of your online business. Increase your brand recall by creating an estore that is in tune with the likes and dislikes of your targeted customers.

    Learn more about your customers and create unique branding by using distinct color combinations, site layout and innovative logo. Attractive display of your domain name can also play an important role in branding your online store.

    Be different in order to create a positive appeal in the minds of your customers for achieving esuccess.

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