A different treatment by a debutante director.

That’s '24 Hours', the movie written and directed by Aditya Sam Abraham. The film is a bold attempt to narrate a thrilling tale happening over 24 hours in 90 minutes.

“It’s my first commercial movie venture in Malayalam. It’s an action thriller with never-ending suspense. The film is a different kind of entertainer,” says Aditya.

The story is centred on Jagannath Varma, a happy-go-lucky guy from a well-to-do family, who gets mistaken for a murderer. The murdered is a mafia don’s brother. What follows is a chain of events that are sure to keep you on your toes. The story unfolds during the 24 hours that follow.

Newcomer Kuldeep plays the lead while Komal Jha, a model from Bangalore, is the heroine. Manoj K Jayan plays the villain. Devan, Vinaya Prasad, Shammi Thilakan and Ani Mujrali are among the other actors. The film is produced by Aqua Movies. The songs are composed and sung by Rahul Raj while the lyrics are from Santhosh Varma. The cinematography by Reji V Kumar and the editing by Sooraj need special mention.

Aditya, who completed his course in direction from Whistling Woods International, Mumbai, has directed an acclaimed short film earlier. '24 Hours' has made maximum use of technology, especially in the action scenes.

Aditya says that his debut venture in Malayalam would have been more noticeable if there was considerable support from theatre owners.

“The film has not yet been released in many parts of the state. The theatre owners are not interested in screening the films of newcomers. Although '24 Hours' has not been released in many parts of north Kerala, it is a positive development that the film is being screened in Ernakulam. I won’t say it’s a classic movie. But I can assure you that it’s an interesting movie. And very different too,” says the director.