NEW DELHI: Commonwealth Games Federation boss Mike Fennell today backed his colleague Mike Hooper, saying he neither blamed the Indian government for Delhi's under-preparedness nor made any disparaging comments about Indians.

Fennell said contrary to media reports, Hooper or the CGF also did not demand that 24-hour Games lanes be operational on Delhi's roads during the October 3 to 14 event.

"Today (September 26), there have been a number of incorrect media reports and allegations about the CGF CEO, Mike Hooper," Fennell, who is in the Indian capital on an emergency inspection trip to take stock of the Games' preparations, said in a statement.

"I spent the entire morning and early afternoon in meetings with Mr Hooper, during which time he allegedly made certain comments, and I can personally attest that at no time did Mr Hooper make any reference at all to the people of India, let alone disparaging ones.

"Further, neither he, nor the CGF, has ever demanded a 24-hour dedicated Games lane," he added.

Fennell said the CGF is merely seeking to keep lanes dedicated for Games use for a specified period, as per the bid commitment.

"It is standard practice that, during operational times, Games lanes are exclusively available for Games related vehicles," he said.

Fennell said Hooper has also been "wrongly criticised" for his comments made on Television New Zealand in which he reportedly blamed the Indian Government for missed deadlines.

Hooper was also reported to have said that India's vast population was responsible for the traffic snarls in Delhi but Fennell denied that the Kiwi, who has been in India for three years, ever made the comments.

"Far from any emotive commentary, Mr Hooper merely stated the fact that the responsibility for delivering and operating the Games lies with authorities in India, as per the Host City contract," Fennell said.

"What I have witnessed today is a viscous and totally unwarranted attack on Mike Hooper based on entirely false reports.

"Mr Hooper has my full support. He has always worked tirelessly for the good of the Games. Now it is time for us all to concentrate on delivering a good Games, for the athletes of the Commonwealth and the people of India," the CGF boss added.

Hooper has been at loggerheads with the local Organising Committee for a long time and even had a showdown with OC chief Suresh Kalmadi a few months ago.