Indrajith at kannur meet the press Small films in Malayalam, which are being made by debutants are welcomed by the audience, but the films of super stars win over them. Only solution is minimising the release of super star films’’, actor Indrajit said. He was speaking in a meet the press conducted at Kannur press club on Monday. “Big budget films of superstars are hitting the theatres regularly and it resutls shortage of theartres. Small films would not get theatres since there are not enough theatres in every city. Let us hope that there would evolve a solution when the multiplexes are in vogue.’’ He added that there was a notion that superstars are controllig Malayalam film industry. This allegation is baseless when superstars as well as the supporting actors are having their own contribution to a film. No actor should get worried about the significance of super stars.

Indrajit said, in his forthcoming film `Karmayogi’, directed by V.K. Prakash, he will be doing double role. The story is based on Shakespeare’s famous drama Hamlet. Indrajit dons the role of the protagonist Hamlet and his father. Balaram Mattannoor is the scenarist. Press club president Dinakaran Kombilath and secratary O.C Mohanraj attended.