Superstar Mohanlal was seen last week in Dehra Dun Military Academy. The officers in the academy gave a respectful salute to the star who also returned one in style. This is not a rare case with the star after his conferring the honorary lieutenant in the Territorial Army. The Superstar will now be greeted with military salute, whenever he visits any military camp.

Mohanlal was in the military camp as his movie 'Kandahaar' with Major Ravi, was being shot at its premises. Though the actor was not in the shooting schedules, he just flew down to the place to pave a visit to the academy and to know the training procedures and seasoning of officers there. Mohanlal remained with the crew for all the four days in the Academy.

The trilingual with Mohanlal back as Colonal Mahadevan, will also have pivotal roles for Amitabh Bachchan, and Ganesh Venkatram.