Make Stacks Purposeful

Making a neat pile of books and magazines will bring order to a coffee table in a matter of minutes. For this created a sophisticated tabletop display by placing flowers and candles atop the books. The fabric on the sofa is Vizir in Indigo from Old World Weavers. Throw pillows

Bring on the Baskets

If you need to clean up a room quickly, storage baskets are a smart, speedy solution that help you divide and conquer the clutter.

Corral Loose Items on a Tray

Trays are an easy, elegant, and quick way to organize. perfume bottles, lotion, and q-tips on a small tray in this Beverly Hills bathroom.covere the walls with Cowtan & Tout’s Laurent Stripe in Red and Gold and hung a 19th-century mirror.

Tuck in Your Throw

Tucking a blanket into the sofa adds instant polish. In the living room of this New York apartment. Fold it lengthwise, then in half, and then tuck into cushions.Ghiordes Turkish rug is from the 19th century. Drawings by Andrew Lord.

Contain Loose Items in a Bowl

To create a clutter-free entry fast, place a small dish on a table to collect keys, coins, and other odds and ends. Put a a tiny bowl sits next to two vases on a table.

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