Bearing the constant and heavy pressure of furniture, your carpet develops dents. These divots may appear irreversible, but it’s not so! You can easily get back your carpet to its original look in no time, that too without using any special machinery.

Here are some effective and easy home remedies, to erase these dents from your carpet.
Blow Dryer

Sprinkle some water on the dents. Heat the affected area with a blow dryer. During drying process, brush up the fibres time to time, using your fingers.
Damp Towel

If the dents are deep, put damp towels over them. Iron over the towel on medium heat. It will revive the fibres. Remove the towel when it becomes dry. In the end, vacuum the carpet.
Steam Iron

Put a clean cloth on the dent. Glide a steam iron on it. Don’t put the iron directly on the carpet. Finally, lift the fibres with the help of spoon.
Ice Cubes

Put ice cubes on the carpet dents. Allow the ice to melt. Soak the excess water with a sponge. Lift the carpet fibres with a coin or a spoon. Vacuum it.“Prevention is better than cure”. You can prevent the dents in the first place, by putting the decorative coasters under each leg of furniture.

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