1. Duck - 1 full duck 2. Onion - 2 nos, Ginger -1 piece, Garlic -15 flakes, Green chilly - 10 nos, Tomato - 2 nos 3. Crushed pepper -1 big spoon, cinnamon -2 pieces, Cloves - 6 nos, Cardamom - 5 nos, Chilly powder - 1 small spoon, Coriander powder- 1 small spoon, Turmeric powder -1 small spoon, Vinegar -2 big spoon , Salt- as required 4. Coconut oil - cup 5. Ginger - 1 piece, Garlic 10 flakes, Chilly powder -1 big spoon, Coriander powder -1 big spoon, turmeric powder-1/4 small spoon, Cinnamon -2 pieces, Cardamom - 5 nos, Cloves - 5 nos, Ani seeds- small spoon 6. Vinegar 2 big spoons


Clean the duck properly and cut it into eight pieces. Let it simmer for a while. Finely chop the second set of ingredients and mix it well with the third set. Apply this on the cut duck pieces and keep it aside for one hour. After that, cook the meat well in slow fire after adding half cup of water. Take out the meat pieces from it. Strain the remaining curry through a loin cloth. Heat coconut oil and put the duck pieces into it. Roast it well. Ensure that the pieces do not get over-fried. The fifth set of ingredients should be made into a paste by adding vinegar. Add this mix to the heated oil and roast well. After the oil gets cleared, the curry, fried onion and duck pieces should all be mixed well. Close it with a lid and cook for a few more minutes in slow fire. Remove from fire when the curry thickens