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Thread: Natural ways for Mosquito Control

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    Mosquito control is an important question faced by many people and nowadays there is a huge call for natural control methods since many people are aware of the draw backs of chemical pesticides. There are many diseases which are recognized to be spread by mosquitoes. Therefore a lack of effective mosquito control could be deadly. There are challenges posed by West Nile Virus and though most people are aware of the immediate need for its eradication, they are at the same time afraid of the negative consequences that could be caused by applying chemical bug sprays. And therefore, the only solution remaining is the use of natural mosquito control methods.

    There are various ways that are commonly included in natural mosquito control like using of certain plant oils such as oil from citronella, castor bean plants or catnip plants, use of certain bath oils such as Avon’s “Skin- So- Soft”, use of devices such as Mosquito Magnet and the like. Also, the way you dress is another factor that is to be cared about. It is advised that dark clothing is to be avoided. Also, most of the reports of pest and building inspection sydney inspection professionals have conducted say that the best thing to do to avoid mosquitoes is to attack the problem at the source which means that you may control the growth of mosquito larvae. Also, Citronella products are widely used in natural mosquito control which is used in various ways. Burning citronella in a candle, applying it to the skin as topical oil and such are commonly used methods.
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    As citronella oil that is a very good mosquito repellent is a little expensive oil to use on daily basis. Plus being a liquid oil it is difficult to carry it in your bag for outdoors, camping, picnic etc.
    I use Godrej Protekt anti mosquito spray on skin that repels mosquitoes for as long as 8 long hours. It is water-based and safe for skin. It does not have any odor and will keep you safe from mosquitoes.

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