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Thread: Additional Posing Tips for Plus-Size Models

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    Arrow Additional Posing Tips for Plus-Size Models

    Additional Posing Tips for Plus-Size Models

    Rest most of your weight on one foot or the other instead of evenly on both feet. Doing so makes poses look less artificial and gives a slight slimming effect in most positions.

    When sitting or reclining, roll one hip up slightly from the resting surface so that most of your weight is on the back of one thigh or the other instead of evenly on both thighs. This gives a slight slimming effect and makes the pose look less artificial.

    Avoid having your arms hanging flat against your sides. Instead, bend your arms slightly, place your hands on your hips, or try other poses that involve alternate placements of the arms.

    Keep your chin up to avoid chin wrinkles
    or double chins.
    Posing Tips For Emphasizing Cleavage:

    Lean forward.
    Bring arms together at the waist.
    Clasp hands together below the waist, keeping arms straight at the elbows.
    Cross arms.
    Posing Tips for Minimizing Cleavage:

    Lean backward.
    Keep arms apart.
    Raise arms above shoulders or above head.

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    Work with the photographer, posing naturally, listening to the photographer's requests and making helpful suggestions. Your poses will tend to be conservative, shot against a white background. You will probably be asked to wear several different outfits during the shoot, perhaps as many as 20 or 30 outfits in a day. Change outfits quickly to give the photographer more time to get the shots required.

    This is great post I've ever seen before.....

    thanks for posting such a wonderful tips:)
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