Actress Nayantar turned 26 . Everybody wants to know where the actress is? She is slippery as an eel and adding mystery to her already mysterious nature, the actress is on a self-imposed hiatus and unavailable to the media and even close friends.

What has happened to the girl from Kerala who made it to the top with her hard work and luck? Has she decided to stay away from the limelight?

She is the last of the top heroines in Tamil who command an opening and is envy and inspiration to other mallu heroines making a beeline to Kollywood to make it big? Nayan was on a professional high after her last release Boss Engira Baskaran turned out to be one of the highest grossers of 2010.

At a time when her contemporaries are scouting for roles, Nayan has turned down offers from top directors like Lingusamy, Vikram Kumar and Al Vijay to be the heroines in their films.

She has the off-beat Electra and her Kannada film with superstar Upendra for release. However the big news is that Nayan has signed (her last film?) Sri Rama Rajyam, a mythological in Telugu opposite Balakrishna, her hero in that super hit Simha.