Busy young actress Bhavana, will for the first time come up as Mammootty’s heroine in the new movie ‘Doubles’. But don’t expect this to be a full time role. Bhavana will be in a cameo in ‘Doubles’ who appear in the hero’s dreams as the face of his heroine.

The big reason is that Tapsee, who is Mammukka’s heroine in the movie, will be appearing wearing a Purdah for majority of the portions and so as Mammukkas’ character doesn’t see the actual face of Tapsee, he dreams her as someone who looks like Bhavana.

Though the role is just a cameo, Bhavana is more than thrilled to be with Mammootty, particularly in a song sequence set to music by ‘Subramaniapuram’ fame James Vasanthan. The actress had earlier played Mammukka’s sister in the movie ‘Chronic Bachelor’ which came up almost seven years ago.

'Doubles' is directed by Sohan Seenulal has Nadia Moithu and Mammootty playing non identical twins.