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Thread: Alappuzha Medical College aka T.D.Medical College

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    Default Alappuzha Medical College aka T.D.Medical College

    T.D.Medical College / Alappuzha Medical College

    The T.D.Medical College is situated in the suburban area of Vandanam, 9 km south of the Alappuzha (previously Alleppey) town, facing the NH 47, in Alappuzha district of Kerala State, South India. The initials T.D. stand for Thirumala Devaswom, which in Sanskrit means belonging to the Lord of Thirumala, since this medical college was started in 1963 under the patronage of the T.D.Temple at Anantha Narayana Puram of Alappuzha.

    Initially the management of the college was done by the Kerala Cultural & Educational Society. It was later brought under a trust called "T.D.Medical College Trust", which was headed by the President of the Thirumala Devaswom. The day to day administration of the college was done by the T.D.Medical College Administrative Council. .N.V.Prabhu, Thoppil House, Alappuzha, the Honorary Secretary of this council, was the driving force behind the starting of this medical college. A total of 145 acres of land was purchased at Vandanam, in the coastal belt for the future development of the college campus, to include the hospitals, hostels, residential quarters.

    Administration of T.D.Medical College

    The college is administered by the Government of Kerala through the Director of Medical Education. The day-to-day administration and internal management of the college is vested with the Principal, who is assisted by the Vice Principal and the Administrative Officer.

    The Vice Principal is in charge of all academic matters. Almost all subjects concerning the students are dealt with in the Academic section which is supervised by the Junior Superintendent. The Accounts Officer is in charge of the accounts section which deals with collection of fees, issuing of scholarships to the students etc. The Establishment section deals with matters connected with the posting, promotion, leave, transfer etc. of both teaching and non-teaching staff. The Purchase section is vested with the responsibilities of processing indents and tenders for purchase of equipment.

    There is a College Committee of Management consisting of heads of different departments and headed by the Principal. This is an advisory body which helps the Principal in almost all maters concerning the administration of the medical college.


    Internal Medicine

    Allied specialities : Cardiology, Neurology, T.B.& Chest Diseases, Gastro-enterology. A new Nephrology unit is sanctioned in 1999.

    General Surgery

    Allied specialities : Urology, Neurosurgery

    Obstetrics & Gynaecology

    Paediatrics :

    Allied specialities : Paediatric Surgery, Neonatology

    Blood Bank & Transfusion services
    Accident & Emergency Services

    Critical Care Facilities

    Critical Care Facilities are available in the following sections :

    i. Internal Medicine
    ii. Cardiology
    iii. General Surgery
    iv. Neurosurgery
    v. Neonatology
    vi. Trauma Care Unit

    Other facilities :

    i. Medical Records Library
    ii. Mortuary with cold storage facility
    iii. Incinerator
    iv. District Medibank
    v. Consumer Co-operative Society
    vi. Canteen

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    M.B.B.S. : Only 50 students were admitted in the first batch. From the second batch the number was raised to 60 and from 1967 it was 100 students admitted each year. In 1973 the IMC recommended that only 80 students should be admitted annually taking into consideration the facilities available then. But from 1979, each year 100 students are being admitted for the MBBS course in this medical college again after IMC recommendation.

    Diploma courses :

    1. D Pharm (Diploma in Pharmacy) 35 seats

    2. DMLT (Diploma in Medical Lab.Technology) 15 seats

    3. DOA (Diploma Ophthalmic Assistant) 5 seats

    4. DRT (Diploma in Radiological Techniques) 10 seats

    5. Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery

    Post graduate courses :

    The Postgraduate Courses now available in this institution and the number of seats in each are given below :

    1. M.D.Internal Medicine (From 1982-83) 2 seats

    2. M.S.General Surgery (From 1982-83) 2 seats

    The following new Postgraduate Courses in different specialities are also now sanctioned in this medical college :

    1. M.D. Anaesthesiology 1 seat

    2. M.D. Obstetrics & Gynaecology 1seat

    3. M.D. Paediatrics 2 seats

    4. M.D. Dermatology & Veneriology 1 seat

    5. M.D. Pathology 1 seat

    6. D.A. (Diploma in Anaesthesiology) 2 seats

    7. D.G.O. (Diploma in Obst. & Gynae.) 1 seat

    7. D.C.H. (Diploma in Child Health) 2 seats

    Selection for Degree Courses

    Selection to MBBS course is by merit on the basis of the Entrance examination conducted by the Kerala State Board of Entrance examinations and 25% seats are allotted on the basis of All India Entrance Examination. However 50% of seats are under reserved quota.10% of seats are reserved for the Scheduled Castes and Tribes described in the Constitution of India.The remaining 40% of seated are allotted to Other Backward Class (OBC) on merit basis. Kerala boasts of one of the cleanest entrance examination process although there have been occasional complaints.

    Post Graduate Courses (M.D; M.S)
    Selection is on the basis of entrance examination as described for the graduate courses.Quota of reserved seats are available for Lecturers working in concerned specialties as well as for doctors working under the Directorate of Health Services.

    Diploma Courses(Para medical)
    The selection for the paramedical diplomas is through the Directorate of Medical Education based on merit.

    Departments functioning in the college :
    The following departments are located in the medical college building. The first three are preclinical and the remaining are paraclinical sections.Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pathology, Microbiology, Forensic Medicine and, Community Medicine. Apart from the above, Departments of Pharmacy and Physical Education are also functioning in the college building.

    Auditorium, lecture halls and audiovisual aids :
    The spacious auditorium in the centre of the first floor, which is an asset to this institution, can accommodate 700 students and this large hall is also used for conducting examinations. All important functions in the college are held in this auditorium.

    There are four lecture halls in the college, one of which is equipped with audio-visual aids. The main two halls have a capacity of 120 seats, and the remaining two can seat around 100 students.

    Library :
    The central library located in the central hall in the ground floor has adequate space both for students and staff to sit and read. A total number of 15007 books and 8285 periodicals are available in the library. The currently subscribed periodicals are 40 numbers. Photocopy, video and Internet facilities are also available.

    Games and sports :
    In the premises of the college building are located the tennis, basket and volley ball courts. In the college ground, there are facilities for playing cricket, foot ball and for various outdoor sports. Table tennis and gymnasium facilities are also available indoors.

    Institute of Virology and Infectious Diseases :
    There are many infectious diseases prevalent in this part of Kerala, important ones being Japanese encephalitis, Weil’s disease, Cholera and Enteric fevers. This prestigious institute of Virology and Infectious Diseases is meant to develop research and remedies for these local problems. This will start functioning soon in the newly allocated space in the second floor of the college building and in course of time will be developed into the main reference centre for all infectious diseases including viral infections not only in Kerala but also in the neighboring states.

    Other facilities :
    A branch of the State Bank of Travancore, a canteen, a co-operative society provisions store and a machine maintenance workshop are also functioning in the college..

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