How to Cancel Credit Cards

1. Write a credit card cancellation letter by finding the credit card company's customer service contact information on your last statement. If your statement doesn't list a specific address for account inquiries or cancellations, call the toll-free customer service number and ask where customers should send cancellation letters.

2. Open the letter with your name, address, your credit card account number and the date.

3. Write a short paragraph explaining that you are closing your account effective immediately. Be sure to restate the credit card name, your name listed on the credit card, any authorized users on the account, the account number and the fact that you've fully paid your credit debt. You do not need to list reasons why you wish to cancel the account when you write a credit card cancellation letter.

4. End the letter by asking not only a written statement from the credit card company that your account is indeed closed, but also a confirmation that they've contacted the credit bureaus to notify them that you've closed the account. It will hinder your ability to open different accounts or borrow money in the future if the company doesn't cancel your account, since your credit report will still reflect those open credit card accounts.

5.Include your latest credit card statement showing a zero balance, if you wish to prove that you don't have any outstanding debt on the account.