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    Kerala is abode to millenia of ayurvedic experience, providing cure and healing to multitude through the practice of this holistic science. In kerala ayurveda is one of the prominent factor that has brought a major boost in the tourism sector. The gradual shift in the global trend towards acceptance of natural medicines and ancient treatments and practices has resulted in evolution of a new phenomenon- the 'health' tourism. This is evident from the scores of ayurveda resorts and spas that mushroom at every tourist spot in Kerala.

    The best part of Kerala tourism is that it is not limited to just health tourism. The kerala tourism sector has the potential to cater to the vast preferences of the travellers. Ayurvedic tourism is merged along with other attractions such as scenic beauty of the land, its festivities, art and folk forms, martial arts and much more. This conglomeration of diverse tourist attractions has turned kerala tourism into a luxurious experience.

    The 'spiritual' medical system practiced in lush green backdrop of god's own country promises of offering panacea to the worst illness.The demand for treatments and therapy is found to be equal among international visitors and domestic tourists. Kerala tourism has brought community benefit into limelight. This means that the localites are included to work for the tourism sector. They render a helping hand in making holidays a fruitful experience for the tourists through their cooperation. This inturn has helped in development of the community to form an inevitable part of Kerala tourism.
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