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    Dengue fever is mosquito borne disease caused by a virus. It is spread by the bite of infected AEDES mosquitoes.
    The symptoms are:- Headache,high fever, rashes developed on the skin, joint and muscles pain.
    There is no particular treatment is available. Intravenous fluids and oxygen therapy are provided to the patients.

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    here in Argentina have already begun campaigning, as we begin the winter

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    I read your comment and totally agree that it is a viral disease and occur by the biting of Adese mosquitoes which are present in still water.To avoid them kill the larva of mosquitoes which are present on the surface of water by insecticides avoid keeping water open for long time at our surrounding. Use mosquitoes repellent wear full clothes while during dusk time and if you got the symptom of dengue then quickly refer to doctor.

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    Dengue, Chikungunya, Zika fever is spread through mosquito bites. It is very difficult to differentiate between mosquitoes that spread these diseases. It is better to take precautions against all the mosquitoes that could bite and spread these deadly diseases.

    Plant Citronella plants at windows and entrance of your home
    Cover the windows with net slides to prevent mosquitoes from entering your homes.
    Apply anti-mosquito cream, patch or good knight fabric roll-on that acts as a personal mosquito repellent.
    Turn on the electronic liquid vaporizer that effectively kills mosquitoes.

    Try these simple yet effective ways to keep the mosquitoes away and I am sure you can easily protect your family from these deadly diseases
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