You can install your oven in many different ways, and most models nowadays make use of both standard and convection technologies. When shopping for an oven, you can review on each type first to find out whether you will do best with a range oven or a stand alone domestic oven that offers baking, grilling, and roasting options.

Different types of ovens and their key features

Range ovens
Range ovens are popular choices when it comes to ovens because a single appliance has range cookers, at least one oven, and a separate grill. Due to the range of features that these ovens have, they have become popular choices among homemakers. If you are used to preparing feasts for a large group of people, these range ovens are excellent choices. You can roast, bake, or grill using these range ovens.

Domestic ovens

Domestic ovens are ovens which are normally used at home as a stand alone unit, and are available in two types, namely gas ovens and electric ovens. Most domestic ovens have a separate oven and a grill, so you can both bake and grill at the same time. There are also domestic ovens which are actually double ovens. These double ovens often have a standard oven and a smaller oven with a separate grill.

Pizza ovens
Pizza ovens are now available in both the commercial and domestic types. When domestic pizza ovens were not yet available, pizza ovens were available for commercial use alone. Today you can find pizza ovens which are especially made for home use, whether for outdoor installation, such as the garden or indoors, in your kitchen.

Toaster ovens

Toaster ovens are smaller counter top ovens which have different uses, whether for grilling, toasting, or warming food. However toaster ovens may also be used for cooking, especially in grilling burgers, pizza, fish, or hotdogs.

Multifunction ovens

Multifunction ovens are ovens which allow for different cooking methods, through a variety of temperatures, whether for grilling, roasting, or baking. Multi function ovens also allow you to cook through fan-assisted systems or to cook and grill at the same time.

Dutch ovens
Dutch ovens may be used for the outdoors as well as indoors. Most outdoor Dutch oven are made from cast iron, and designed with three short legs and a lid that fits tightly. Indoor dutch ovens normally have a flat base and may be used on top of the stove or placed inside your usual kitchen oven.

Basic features to look for

There are certain basic features which are considered indispensable in most ovens.


When shopping for a new oven, see to it that you have enough kitchen space to accomodate it. Will you be placing it on a countertop or will you be installing it outside, as in the case of brick ovens? Is the counter space enough for the size of the oven? Do you plan on using your oven regularly? Making size considerations will help you choose an oven that suits your kitchen and your cooking needs best.

Convenience features
Several ovens come with convenience features such as a separate grill, economy settings especially for gas ovens, heat indicators, and induction hobs among others. Some features may be useful to you, depending on your needs, while others may be considered a luxury, so it is best to take into consideration your actual requirements first.

There are ovens which may be built-in or installed on a wall, allowing you to save on counter space. Nonetheless, most domestic ovens may be easily placed on a countertop, provided that your counter has enough space.

Gas or electric
If you want to save on electricity consumption, getting the gas-powered oven will be ideal. However an electric oven is capable of more even cooking, easier to tun on, and provides you with better temperature control.

Choosing the right vendor

There are many sellers of both electric or gas-powered ovens in the market today. Whether you're looking for a home kitchen oven or an outdoor oven or one that you can use for your restaurant, the right vendor can help you find the ideal oven for you. Also, a reliable seller will offer an excellent product warranty, which can cover repair costs for up to a year.

Prior to buying any type of oven, making the right product inquiries can help you find out more about the product and its many features. A good customer service representative can be of valuable help to you. Make sure that you have a list of all your questions beforehand so you will know what to inquire from the customer service representative.

The right Kitchen
Whether you're fond of cooking on a regular basis or plan on taking up baking as a hobby, a good-sized oven in your kitchen will definitely be a smart investment. With the wide range of domestic, outdoor, and multi-function ovens sold nowadays, choosing the right one is always important.

Final Thought
A wall-mounted oven is definitely a space-saving choice, however most built-in ovens need to be installed by a professional. Ovens may be powered by gas connections or by electricity, and may have more than the basic cooking features. When buying ovens, you need to factor in the cost of the unit, the installation expenses, as well as maintenance costs. If cared for properly, your oven can last for many years, and may very well be one of the most valuable components of your busy kitchen.

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