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    Today the number of women with premature graying is on the rise. Today even young girls have grey hair. In spite of the education and plethora of information about nutrition, diet and fitness many young women are suffering from deficiencies and anemia.
    Let us see the factors that contribute towards this change.

    Factors For Premature Greying

    Long Hour Work
    Today people work for 10 -12 hours every day. This plays havoc with their rhythm cycle. These long hours of work disturbs their eating, sleeping and relaxation.

    Skipping Meals

    Women tend to skip breakfast because they donít have time for it. Today conventional lunches have been taken over by colas, fast food and fried food. Carrying paratha and vegetable for lunch is a passe.

    No Regular Eating Time

    People are so busy that they eat their meals in a hurry and that too it lot of multitasking. They will eat while reading a book or talking to somebody on the phone. While they are eating their mind is not on the food that they are eating. They donít care to masticate the food properly and this causes indigestion.

    Nutrient Deficiency
    Because of the fast paced lifestyle people tend to buy their lunch from the cafeteria rather than taking home cooked meal. They buy fast food from the cafeteria. They donít realize that homemade food like dal, sabzi and roti is far more nutritious than the canteen food.

    Excessive Caffeine

    The stress that people face at their work place makes them drink excessive coffee and tea. They donít have time to drink water. So their water decreases drastically. Their decreased water gives way to wide range health problems


    People are always living a rushed life. They are constantly under stress to meet the deadlines at office and complete home chores at home. This rushed life style causes excessive stress and strain that disrupts the entire body system.


    Maintaining relationships can take a toll on a personís health and indirectly on the hair.
    A person gets emotionally drained and exhausted in order to keep and maintain healthy relations with the in-laws, friends, colleagues and husband.
    It is no wonder that modern generation is aging faster than the earlier generations. Stress, nutrient deficient diet, stress and neglect are some of the factors that contribute towards the premature graying of hair.

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    Eating walnut and vitamin E capsules every day may help to get good hair, but reversing grey hair is quite impossible. The only solution left is to cover it with good hair color that suits the Indian skin tone and Indian hair type. Many Indians choose the imported brands believing they will give good results.
    But Godrej Expert hair color dye is natural and colors hair giving it natural look. It is ammonia free hence it does not damage the hair and scalp and protects them from breakage.

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