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    Horlicks is the leading Health Food Drink in India and as the 'Most Trusted Drinks Brand' (Economics Times Survey, 2004) in India, enjoys more than half of the Health Food Drink market.

    Although it has been a popular brand in the Indian market since the 1930s, Horlicks underwent a revamp in 2003 to further increase its relevance. The modern & contemporary Horlicks offers 'pleasurable nourishment' with a delicious range of flavours including Vanilla, Toffee, Elaichi and Chocolate.

    With revitalized packaging synergistic with the new brand personality, it is a favourite with both mothers for its nourishment and kids for its great taste and variety.

    Horlicks is sold in a number of countries across the world. In different countries, the product has different formulations in order to cater to varying consumer segments and serve different consumer needs.

    In India, the Horlicks available has been scientifically developed and specifically caters to the nutritional needs of the Indian diet. It helps meet the requirements of essential nutrients in children, such as iron and vitamins that aid iron absorption. From the available data, it has been seen that children in India are not getting enough of these vitamins and minerals from their daily diet. Research shows that these nutrients are very important for school age children for their attention, concentration and memory as well as their physical performance and growth. Thus, Horlicks is a beneficial supplement for children to aid not only their growth, but also enhanced attention and concentration. In fact, we have established this through a large clinical trial among school going children.

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    good product.. I like it!

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