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Thread: Work -> Build a online game, design needed

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    Default Work -> Build a online game, design needed

    I am creating a online game, it's simular to NukeZone and all those except that my game wont have nukes and such as those games.

    A short description about the game:
    It's a foodwars kind a game. You will be able buy units who will have a spoon to kill other with maybe. I haven't done all the small things yet as weapond and such stuff.
    You will also be able to build your own table (clan) were other members then can ask to join in. You can then declare foodwar with another table.
    There will be some kind of buildings in this game, not ordinary buildings buy maybe a kitchen were you get your food.

    Now to the problem:
    I have no skill in design, so I cant do this on my own. So I am looking for someone who would like to be a part in this game and help me with the design.

    Requirements for this:
    You should be able to handle some kind of photoprogram, as photoshop.
    You should also master HTML
    Know the english language good or speak swedish.
    Be able to offer some hours a week for this.
    Be serious.
    A + is if you know php and mysql also.

    Rewards for this:
    I wont be able to give you any money as it looks like right now, if the game succeed and I will start to earn money you will get a procent of that ammount depend on how long you have worked and what the result of your work was.
    Ofcourse your name will be on the site for the design.

    If you are intressted in this send a mail to [email protected] or a mess here at, best way is [email protected]

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    Default Game Maker software - Free

    Have you taken a look at these :

    1) Free Gamer Maker

    2) Free Game Marker Software

    3) Game Creation Resources

    Just a few. Make it yourself and reap the profits.


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    Visit me at Veera's

    Check out the free gaming engines in

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    rpgmaker 2003 :D good stuff

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    thx for the answers I wanted.. or NOT. I was looking for someone who could help me to do it


    the game I am creating is an text-based game..


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